CRC Sponsored Auction and Estate Sale, Aurora, CO, October, 2016

Submitted by CRC on Sun, 2016-10-09 23:58

This event was very successful. The CRC helped liquidate the radio and equipment estate of a longtime Aurora Radioman.

Thousands of desirable vintage tubes were auctioned off.

Some of the radios and tubes that were auctioned off.

Some of the radios and tubes that were auctioned off.

Those who participated were rewarded with great deals.

Here is a list of some of the stuff. See the attached pdf file for photos of some of the radios and equipment.


Communications Receivers: Hallicrafters (SX-17, SX-28, etc.); RME DB-20; Heathkit Twoer; National NC-100C (for restoration), original model HRO w/dog house power supply and full set of coils; Redifon R-150 (manf. in England, very scarce in the US!); Ruleto portable direction finder (can't find it on the internet!); several military receivers  R-1004/GRC-109; etc.


Antique Radios: Several Atwater Kent, Crosley, RCA Radiola, etc.

Vintage Radios: Airking, Arvin, Detrola, Emerson, Firestone, Freed, Hoffman, Magnavox, Majestic, Meissner, Minerva, Philco, RCA, Sentinel, Silvertone, Trutone, Watterson, Westinghouse, Zenith, etc.

Speakers: RCA, Sonochorde, Utah.

Homebrew: Several well-built receivers with plug in coil sets from plans contained in early ARRL Handbooks! Perfect for vintage field day & contests!

Crystal Sets: Including Philmore and RCA.

Electronics Books – there was about 18ea. $10 packed boxes. < $1 per book! some very old.

Bench Test Equipment:  B&K and Sterling tube testers; EICO, Heathkit, etc.

Vacuum Tubes: ~ 30 Box Lots were auctioned!

There were over 100 each  01A tubes up for auction in lots of ten!—these were put into 10 box lots along with many other battery era tubes. Each of these boxed lots were up for auction and had ten 01As in it along with 15 other values tubes. See the photo of some of these tube lots.

Very Large Assortment of NOS aluminum chassis and project boxes including NOS, boxed Bud brand!

Many Boxes and Crates of NOS vintage parts: Velvet Verniers, National PWM dials and variable assemblies, Millen coil forms, etc. Many have not seen the light of day for 70 years or more - a truly uncommon find in the 21st century! Look at the photo of the stuff piled in the basement that was brought out into the yard for sale!

Stuff for sale in the yard.Stuff for sale in the yard.More stuff in the yard.More stuff in the yard.